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Smokehouse, BBQ's and Smoker FAQ

Cooking/Grilling Equipment Available

Fire, smoke and glowing embers are essential to the outdoor grilling, smoking and cooking experience.  We so enjoy the wide variety of tasty foods which we can prepare on our outdoor cooking equipment.  There are different foods, different cooking styles and widely varying tastes to which we cater with our Friendly Fires Getaway amenities.  From low-and-slow to a perfect medium-rare tenderloin, you can do it here.

You will have the choice of several types of BBQ and Smoker equipment as well as a charcoal-fired Pizza Oven.  Fire is a central part of the outdoor cooking mystique.  Here you are set up to experience that to your heart’s content.

We offer BBQ equipment using both charcoal and propane fuels.  We also have outdoor smoker equipment which is integral with our central fire-pit located right on a patio area at the edge of Grand Lake and beginning of the dock.  It includes a seating area around the fire-pit.

The Smokehouse

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The Smokehouse is a year-round, large, screened-in, protected area in which you can do your outdoor cooking and grilling.  It houses our BBQ equipment, counter space, cooking tools and seating for you and your cooking companions.
The Smokehouse is a Foodie haven! We have a high-end propane BBQ, which provides a flexible, easy to use, quick-heating option.  We have a Kamado-type grill, for more traditional, charcoal-grilling.  We also have a smoker and a pizza oven. If you like to cook outdoors, these BBQ’s can do most dishes.  Fish, Chicken, Steak, burgers, veggies, if you can think of it, it will do it.
The Smokehouse is easily accessible from the main cottage dining room and kitchen area directly through the Veranda.  The Smokehouse entrance is located right across from the Veranda door.  So, whether you plan on dining in the Veranda or in the cottage dining room, both are close to the Smokehouse.
In the Smokehouse you will also find BBQ supplies, charcoal, and a chimney to easily light the charcoal for the Kamado Joe or the Smoker, should you wish to use that as fuel. 

Everdure Propane BBQ/Grill

everdure bbq 1200
The merits of propane BBQ’s are well-known.  Propane BBQ’s are quick and easy to light and provide reliable and predictable cooking performance.  This allows them to be used to cook a wide variety of foods
In the Smokehouse we have the Everdure propane BBQ a high-quality, well-engineered outdoor cooking instrument.  This BBQ provides a number of cooking options.  Please see the videos below.
Here is another Everdure website with a large number of recipes which can be done on the BBQ:

The Kamado Joe BBQ

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The Kamado Joe-style BBQ has attained popularity for its significant features.  It can be used for many different styles of BBQ cooking.  The Kamado Joe allows precise heat and air control, multi-zone cooking and smoking for many different styles and recipes to be done on a grill.  There are many video’s available it you want to learn more about this style of BBQ cooking:

And here are a few more videos, including recipes to get the creative juices flowing:
The Chimney is great for lighting charcoal.  In case you aren’t familiar with the use of a “chimney” to quickly and easily light charcoal, here is a video on that as well:

Smoking Supplies for Cooking at the Friendly Fires Getaway

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We provide all the tools you’ll need to get a smoking meal going! Take the Smoker Lid, and go down to the pit! If you brought lump coal, or briquets you are good to go. If you run out, you can buy what you need from us.  We keep a stock of smoking supplies in the BBQ supply box, for you to purchase.  Just let us know what you use.


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The OONi Pizza Oven

Ooni pizza oven with pizza 1200
The Ooni pizza oven is great for your own pizza recipes.  But not just pizza! You can make other delicacies as well:

Outdoor Camp Site Smoker

We provide a combined outdoor smoker and a camp fire-pit on the same equipment! :>  The fire-pit is located at the edge of Grand Lake on a large patio with seating all around.

smoker 2 scaled
smoker 3 scaled

You can smoke your food at the camp fire site too! Does this look good?

smoker scaled

The outdoor smoker has a cover and atemperature indicator to help you in your cooking and smoking your foods.  It will allow you to control the amount of smoke and the temperature while you are cooking your food.

BBQ supplies are in a container which you will find in the Smokehouse.  Included is a chimney which simplifies lighting the charcoal needed for your cooking.

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outdoor fire pit with fire and cottage view
pan with fritatta on fire
pizza ready to eat on pizza oven
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