Friendly Fires Getaway FAQ

How Does the Reflecting Pool Work?

ffg reflecting pool 2 scaled
Rain water that comes off the main building and the veranda roofs during the warmer months.  It is directed to two places: the rain shower reservoir beside the hot tub, and the camp fire deck.
If you were wondering why there’s a metal trough leading to the camp fire, it’s to fill the camp fire area with water. When the camp fire area is full of water, it becomes a reflecting pool.
If you want to see the water fill the campfire deck, turn the tap off, it’s beside the steps at the waters edge.
You can dip your feet in the water and play like a child would.
A Wading pool will be coming soon.
ffg reflecting pool 1 scaled

Why Do You Have the Outdoor Staircase on the Cottage?

So you can always experience nature. The air is fresh and when you breathe it in on your way to and fro.  You’ll continue to experience the relaxing and rejuvenating benefits of it. The outdoor staircase was also done for privacy purposes. If you want to go to bed early and your friends or family want a late night, you won’t get disturbed. Many things were taken into consideration while designing the cottage to experience the benefits of nature. You’re here to relax!

ffg outdoor staircase scaled

Serving Trays

There is a nice collection of serving trays for you to use. They are on the metal shelf below the cupboards.

serving trays scaled


There is a compost container just outside the kitchen door that leads to the staircase. It is not used in the winter.
composter scaled

Games, DVDS, and Puzzles

Some days are all sunshine.  But some days are not.  For those days, or any other occasion you like, there are games, coloring books and puzzles in the black cabinet by the bathroom.

games and books

Roof Top Garden and Chairs

We love this green roof! I’ve planted different types of grasses and flowers in the planters and sedums in the roof itself. It’s very beautiful when you can see it fully. Go take a look at it from the balcony in the Teahouse (building by the driveway), if you’d like.
I’ve put a few chairs up there for you to imagine what the view would be like from there.
I often get asked how people can go on the roof. Unfortunately, there is no way for you to access it. It’s just meant for you to enjoy looking at. To gain access to the roof, railings would have to be installed and I feel that would take away from the view.
I’ve also put a lantern up there that goes on automatically, with the other lanterns at night-fall.
green roof scaled

Greeting Package

On the bar, below the hat-lights, there are some things you can use.
There are two different sized jars of liquid scents. The red liquid and the small jar with the honey colored liquid in it are for the hot tub. To learn more about how to use them, go to the “Hot tub and Sauna” sauna section.
The towels are in front of the sauna are for you to use. The bathrobes are in the white closet at the front door. There are also plastic shoes for you to use to go in and out of the sauna and the hot tub. They are in the shoe rack next to the kitchen door.
greeting package and towels scaled

Hot Tub Lights

The lanterns come on automatically just after it turns dark outside. They go out 3 hours after that. If you need lights, before the latterns come on or after they go out, there is a light switch above the stereo on the wall next to the propane fireplace in the living room. Please remember to turn off the lights after use.
hot tub lights

Rain Shower

Rain water is gathered from the roof during the warmer months. You can have a rain water shower any time you want. It is next to the hot tub.
As well, the water that the steel bucket does not use, go onto the campfire deck, to form a reflecting pool, during a rain storm.
rain shower

Water Front and swimming

Welcome to Grand Lake and the water front.
Here are a couple of notes for you, the floating dock is for your use, if you like to get full days sun, or like to dive into deep water – thats the spot.
If you like to fish, its a great spot to fish. Lots of fish in there. Or if you have little ones, there are lots of frogs. Sometimes I have nets in the little shed. I also have a few fishing rods in there.
Please be aware that at the end of the dock, it is about 5 ft deep, so only dives in.
The ski boat is not for use, and I cannot rent it out.
water front and swimming scaled

Water Toys

We have a few things, for your use.
A canoe and two kayaks, the paddles are there too.
We have a few life jackets but not all sizes, make sure you were a life jacket that is safe for you.
water toys scaled

Rail leading to the campfire deck

If you are lucky and the the moon is in the right place, the moonlight will shine down the rail. The rail is exactly at a south – north axis.
If it rains and creates a pool of water inside of the rail, the sun will reflect in the water at noon, when you are facing due south.
Just for fun, see if you can see if you catch these for yourself.
rail campfire deck scaled

Trash Day - Garbage Pickup

Garbage pickup is on Wednesdays!

garbage truck image

Surveillance Camera

We have a surveilance camera in the driveway.

surveillance camera image

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There are Noise Aware sensors to ensure that the neighbors are respected. The sensor will notify us if the noise exceeds normal ranges. Please keep the noise to a reasonable level. Thank you.

noise aware sensor

Washer and Dryer

Help yourself to the washer and dryer.

washer and dryer scaled

Winter Chains

If it looks icy or snowy on the driveway and you need winter chains, they are available for purchase. Look under services to buy them.

winter chains

Baby Monitors

Baby monitors are available for rent. Please look under services.

baby monitor scaled

Frigidaire Induction Stove Top

If you like to cook, this is the stove for you!
We have the pots and pans there for you. There is a manual above the stove for you, if you need it.
With this stove, it will open up so many optoins for you.
frigidaire induction stove top

Veranda Heating

There are 3 ways to heat the veranda: the wood stove, and 2 radiant heaters. Please only use what you need, if you plan on sitting next to the wood stove, just light it and turn on the fan. The fan will help to keep the heat from rising and make the space warmer.
The radiant heaters are in the other two areas: the middle section and the section where the table is. There are timers on the wall that you can turn on to get heat. The heaters do not take long to warm up the space and they really help to keep it warm.
Please note, that on really cold days, it may not get warm enough in there. It is a 3 season space.

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