Enjoying the Hot Tub

How to use the Hot Tub/Spa

Our hot tub/spa is always on and at temperature and ready for your enjoyment.  We keep it covered both to keep in the warmth and to protect the tub from leaves, dust and other debris that will blow in if it were uncovered.  If you want to use the hot tub, just lift up the covers and move them to the side.  Please, once you are done with your therapeutic soak, replace the cover into its position over tub.

The hot tub lights and lanterns come on automatically just after it turns dark outside. They go out 3 hours after that. If you need lights, before the lights come on or after they go out, there is a light switch above the stereo on the wall next to the propane fireplace in the living room. Please remember to turn off the lights after use.

hot tub lights

Steps for Enjoying the Hot Tub

hot tub spa controls 1
  1. The hot tub is usually set at 102º. To adjust the spa temperature, check the Spa controls and adjust to suit.

2. The jets can be turned on by pressing the middle button.

hot tubs spa controls 2

3. There is a greeting package on the bar below the hats.  It contains scents and other items for use with the Hot Tub and Sauna

Scent Basket for Sauna and Hut Tub scaled
ffg hot tub red liquid scaled

4. In the Greeting Package you will find a small container with red liquid.  This is a nice scent that was made for use in the hot tub. 

5. Pour the liquid into this spot on the hot tub. It lasts for a few days.

hot tub scent addition scaled
hot tub spa shoes for you

6. There are Croc-type plastic shoes available for you that can be used to go back and forth to the hot tub, the lake and the sauna.

hot tub floating object bromine dispenser

7. Please leave the floating object in the hot tub. It keeps the levels of bromine constant.

8. To keep the hot tub clean, please put a tablespoon of bromine in it. It’s on the bar.

hot tub bromine container scaled
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