Friendly Fires Getaway Sauna FAQ

How to Light and Control the Fire in the Sauna Stove

The door to the stove is in the rear of the kitchen, next to the sauna entry door.  Firewood can be obtained outside from the firewood stack.  Directions for lighting the sauna stove fire

Sauna Detailed Information

  1. This is the wood-fired sauna stove with Water Buckets and Benches in Background
ffg sauna stove scaled
ffg sauna water bucket

2. This is the water bucket. Fill it with water.  Then use the ladle to pour some water onto the rocks. This generates steam to put moisture into the air in the sauna.

3. The Greeting Box (which is on the bar, under the hats) has a few jars of scents that you can put in the water bucket for the sauna.

Scent Basket for Sauna and Hut Tub scaled
ffg scent container scaled

4. There are scents like cedar and others in the scent bottles.

ffg putting scent in water scaled

5. Pour the scent into the water bucket, then ladle that water onto the rocks to fill the air with fragrance.

6. This cedar bucket is also for ladling water onto the rocks. Please leave water in it at all times. It needs to be wet to keep the wood expanded in order to hold the water. Thanks

ffg sauna wood water bucket

7. When you light the sauna, fill these buckets up with water so that it warms up and is less shocking on your system. The water is meant to cool you off during your sauna.

ffg cooling water buckets scaled
ffg after sauna dip in lake scaled

8. One of the benefits of being on the shores of Grand Lake is that you can jump right off the dock to cool yourself off! It’s traditional, and so refreshing! Those old-time Scandinavians knew what they were doing!

8.You can also cool off in the rain water shower, beside the hot tub. At the right times of the year, it can be very refreshing as well.

friendly fires area around hot tub spa
DSC03038 scaled

10.There is also a shower right inside the sauna.  Then you can go from the sauna straight to the hot tub.

Another tip is to put your towels in the sauna before going outside so they warm. PLEASE shower before going in the HOT TUB!

hot tubbing in the winter is a real treat

11. The lights are set to go on after dark. There is also a switch for the lights in the veranda

12. One final point, we put the sauna next to the kitchen to combine two sensual spaces.

ffg entrance to sauna off kitchen scaled
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